Selection Committee:

Hou Hanru, Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs, San Francisco Art Institute; Joanna Mytkowska, Director, Warsaw Museum of Modern Art; Ann Gallagher,  Head of Collections, British Art, Tate; Jessica Morgan, Curator, Contemporary Art, Tate; Frances Morris, Head of Collections, International Art, Tate.



Alice Channer (b. 1977)
See-Thru, 2009 

Zbigniew Libera (b. 1959)
How to Train Little Girls, 1987

David Maljkovic (b. 1973) 
Images with their own Shadows, 2008

Gareth Moore (b. 1975)
Neither Here nor There
, 2009

Marwan Rechmaoui (b. 1964)
Monument for the Living, 2001 – 2008 

Artur Zmijewski (b. 1966)
Democracies, 2009