Selection Committee:

Beatrix Ruf, Director, Kunsthalle Zürich; Tobias Ostrander, Chief Curator, Miami Art Museum; Ann Gallagher, Head of Collections, British Art, Tate; Frances Morris, Head of Collections, International Art, Tate; Tanya Barson, Curator, International Art, Tate; Clarrie Wallis, Curator, Contemporary British Art, Tate.



Terry Adkins (b. 1953)
Muffled Drums (from Darkwater), 2003
Bass drums, mufflers
Dimensions variable

Christina Mackie (b. 1956)
The Dies, 2008
Plywood, steel, chalk, plaster, watercolour, plastic
1400 x 5000 x 250 mm

James Richards (b. 1983)
Not Blacking Out. Just Turning The Lights Off, 2011
Double channel video installation
Commissioned by the Chisenhale Gallery, London

Sturtevant (b. 1930)
Trilogy of Transgression, 2004
3 channel video on 3 monitors, colour, 1 minute 45 seconds, 30 minute look