General Idea
AA Bronson (b. 1946)
Felix Partz (1945-1994)
Jorge Zontal (1944-1994)


AIDS (Wallpaper installation) 1988
Wallpaper, screenprint on paper
Overall display dimensions variable
Number 3 in an edition of 3 plus 1 artist's proof

AIDS (Wallpaper installation) 1988Wallpaper, screenprint on paperOverall display dimensions variableNumber 3 in an edition of 3 plus 1 artist's proof


General Idea were formed in the late 1960s by AA Bronson, Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal. As pioneers of early conceptual and media-based art, their collaboration became a model for artist-initiated activities and continues to be a prominent influence on subsequent generations of artists.

Their practice inhabited forms of popular and media culture, including beauty pageants, boutiques, television talk shows or trade fair pavilions, often presenting their work in unconventional forms such as postcards, wallpaper, balloons or pins. From 1972 to 1989 they published the magazine FILE. In 1974 they founded Art Metropole, Toronto, a distribution center and archive for artists’ books, audio, video, and multiples, which they conceived as the shop and archive for their Gesamtkunstwerk. From 1987 they addressed the AIDS crisis. The artist trio divided their time between Toronto and New York. The group was de facto dissolved when Pertz and Zontal died of AIDS in 1994.